Edition 2019

A visual round-up of the 1st Sustainable Leather Forum



  • Frank Boehly, Conseil National du Cuir - President
  • Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Ministry of Economy - Secretary of State
  • Anna Athanasopoulou, European Commission, Head of Unit Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries; DG Internal Market, Industryn Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Session 1: Actors in the fashion and luxury markets moving towards CSR

As a result of recent studies, the image of fashion as being a polluting industry has started to stick in the mind of customers.

How was this conclusion reached? What are the expectations of new consumers? Can fashion improve its image, reduce its use of resources, its impact on pollution and create new development opportunities?

Edwige Rey

Partner for CSR and Sustainable Development

Christelle Capdupuy

Louis Vuitton
Global Sustainable Development Director

Session 2: CSR, from farming to finished leathers

Leather and its production have an important, even a major role to play in certain markets for the footwear, leather goods and glove sectors. This is a very complex industrial activity that draws on a number of traditional skills as well as technological expertise.

How can we improve leather’s environmental performance, and its impact on society as a whole, from farming to tanning and finished leathers, taking into account the technical, ecological and economic challenges?

Egbert Dikkers

Leather Naturally

Rafael Andrade

Spokesperson and CEO of Wow Creative Solutions and Strategy

Graham Webb

Crocodile Specialist Group

Rounde table 1


  • David Grangeré, Bigard - Director
  • Nicholas Butler, Covico – International Director
  • Jean-Christophe Muller, Tanneries Haas – Director General
  • Olivier Raynaud, Raynaud Jeune - Owner-manager
  • Cédric Vigier, CTC – Innovation manager
  • Gustavo Gonzalez Quijano, Cotance - Secretary-General

Keynote speeches

Marie-Claire Daveu

Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs

Stéphanie Kerbarh

French National Assembly
MP, President of the  CSR Group

Session 3: Manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and CSR in footwear

The various markets for footwear, from fashion items to sports shoes via personal protection equipment are experiencing a number of major challenges, with the distribution sector undergoing a revolution, production tending to become more automated and international sourcing that fluctuates according to the economic development of producer countries.

In this complex and difficult context, are footwear labels are on the frontline of the Corporate Social Responsibility revolution?

Alan Fustec

Director General

Jennifer Schappert-Champeaux

Policy Advisor, Textile & Garment, Responsible Business Conduct Unit

Round table 2


  • Nicolas Mille, Gaston Mille - President
  • Anne-Céline Humeau, Innoshoe - Spokesperson and CEO of Humeau-Beaupréau
  • Gauthier Bedek, ERAM - R&D Director
  • Thibault Repelin, M.Moustache - Co-founder
  • Thierry Poncet, CTC - Manager of the Leather and Sustainable Development departments
  • Francisco Valente, Decathlon - Leather Conception Leader

Session 4: The sustainable approach in the leather goods sector

Leather goods are the flagship fashion item and attract much attention, not all of it positive. This is a paradoxical situation, because leather goods production is generally perfectly compatible with a responsible approach: sophisticated expertise, noble materials, respect for intellectual property, long-lasting products. Indeed, we could ask ourselves whether the DNA of luxury leather goods is, by definition, “sustainable”?

Fella Imalhayenne

Global Compact France
General Delegate

Emmanuel Pommier

Managing Director of the Artisanal Leather goods and saddlery section

Round table 3


  • Jean-Yves Chauvy, SIS - Managing Director
  • Ange Alez Martin, Créations JC Perrin - CEO
  • Delphine Sarfati-Sobreira, UNIFAB - Managing Director
  • Chantal Malingrey, Premiere Vision Group - Marketing and Development Director

Closing speech


  • Isabelle Lefort - Paris Good Fashion - President
  • Frank Boehly, Conseil National du Cuir - President

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