Edition 2020

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Monday, September 14th, 2020

9.00 am - Welcome & Breakfast

9.30 am - Opening Sustainable Leather Forum

10.10 am - Keynote Speech

10.40 am - Session 1 - Round table (1) - CSR and Risk Management in the leather industry

The coronavirus crisis caught all economic actors by surprise and companies are now suffering the consequences. Can a risk management approach assist us in anticipating and better managing crisis situations?

Among the many risks facing businesses, we will focus on globalised sourcing and consumers interested in the origin of products. How can supplier risk management tools and a responsible purchasing policy facilitate the securing of the supply chain?

The harmlessness of products is also a source of concern for consumers. How do the international regulations and standards help to build loyalty in the French, European, US or Chinese markets?”

11.40 am - Coffee break

12.00 pm - Session 2 - Round table (2) - Raw Hides & Leather: innovation and best practices in Europe

The second session will focus on innovation and best practices in the raw hide and tannery sectors.

Best practices, from farming to leather production, are not the exclusive preserve of progressive companies.

They have become very widespread in recent years, notably in Europe, thanks to the results of rigorous, well-documented work by professionals, their representatives or by specialist research organisations.

1.00 pm - Buffet lunch

2.00 pm - Keynote Speech

2.30 pm - Session 3 - Round table (3) - The circular Economy in Footwear & Leather Goods

The circular economy in the footwear and leather goods sectors will be the theme of the third session.

This concept is becoming decisive in industries that consume large quantities of raw materials. It is particularly true in the footwear and leather goods sectors, which mainly work with leather because of its essential qualities of durability, maintenance and reparability.

We will explore how to move from theory to practice, how to implement a circular economy from the design to the commercialisation of a product.

3.30 pm - Keynote Speech

4.00 pm - Coffee break

4.30 pm - Keynote Speech

5.00 pm - Session 4 - Round table (4) - Training, Savoir-faire, Regional attractiveness, CSR challenges for the sector

We will conclude our work with mention of CSR, a subject of great importance to the sector, focusing on training, expertise, local regions and their attractiveness.

Ancestral professions, such as leather production or shoemaking, have retained close ties to the regions where they developed.

Regional expertise and specific know-how have been forged there. How can they be preserved and promoted while maintaining these links to their local regions?

And also, very importantly, how can this know-how be transmitted to new generations who may not always be attracted to so-called “traditional” professions, despite the fact that our professions allow us to address fascinating and contemporary themes such as fashion, design, sport, technology as well as international affairs and of course, sustainable development!

6.00 pm - Closing Address

6.20 pm - Cocktail

Download the program in PDF