Monday, September 13, 2021

8.30 – Welcome of the attendees and breakfast

9.15 - Opening Session

This third edition of the Sustainable Leather Forum confirms both the success of the event but also the interest of an annual meeting on the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility in the leather sectors, footwear, leather goods and gloves.

- Q&A

10.20 - Session 1 – Everything you’ve always wanted to know about leather : vegan movement, animal welfare

What is the origin of the vegan movement ? What is its philosophy and how does it influence public opinion and consumers?
How does animal welfare play a role in animal husbandry and consequently in the leather sector? And in particular how does it affect the quality of the material?
These topics are now recurrent in the press and in the media where they are often presented as arguments against the advantages of leather or even its use. During this session we will try to approach these issues from a positive angle in order to rebalance the present theses.

10.20 - Keynote speech

10.45 – Round table

- Q&A

11.30 – Coffee break

11.50 - Session 2 – Everything you’ve always wanted to know about leather : deforestation, carbon footprint and leather life cycle analysis

How does deforestation of the planet concern the leather sector? What are the controversies around the life cycle analysis of leather and how does one assess its carbon footprint? What are the options?

These issues are the subject of little or no documented or even inaccurate evidence or value judgments based on bias. During this session we will try to enlighten the debate with factual data in order to remove some inaccuracies.

11.50 - Keynote speech

- Q&A

12.15 – Round table

- Q&A

13.00 – Lunch break

14.00 - Session 3 - Responsible production and sourcing in sports and leisure markets

In 2019 France imported 480 million pairs of shoes, how can brands and importers set up a responsible sourcing that takes into account in particular societal issues?

Alongside the fashion and luxury markets that are frequently mentioned and well known for their approach to sustainable development, The sports and leisure goods market is highly valued by young audiences and now accounts for a growing share of footwear consumption, including for everyday use.

The players in these markets have been involved for many years in the Corporate Social Responsibility approach, which corresponds particularly well to the values represented by sports and the ethical expectations of their customers.

During this round table we will present brands that have reached exemplary achievements both in their import process, but also in the context of manufacturing carried out in France.

14.00 - Round table

- Q&A

15.00 - Keynote speech 

15.30 – Coffee break

15.50 – Keynote speech  : Leather, its synthetic and trendy alternatives – a comparison of their technical performance

The appearance on the market of new materials that take on the appearance of leather and sometimes claim a strong similarity with leather, can lead to some confusion for the consumer.

Although these are often experiments or innovations without industrial applications, it is interesting to understand what these materials are. We present here the results of a comparative study conducted by an independent German research institute, the FILK - Freiberg Institute gGmbH, highlighting the characteristics of these materials in comparison with those of leather.

- Q&A

16.20 - Session 4 - Communication with stakeholders, transparency and consumer information

The expectations of consumers for more information during their purchases and to identify more responsible products, have led the different players in leather, footwear and leather goods to evolve towards more transparency. As a result, today consumers are guided in their purchasing decision

Information flows in many forms, especially when the profession conducts direct communication campaigns to the public with organizations dedicated to the promotion of leather and its uses.

Information can also come from the involvement of distributors to select more sustainable collections, but also from the emergence of fashion influencers or the development of dedicated mobile apps.

16.20 – Round table

- Q&A

17.30 - Closing Address

18.00 - Cocktail