Who are we?

Conseil National du Cuir

Founded in 1948, the CONSEIL NATIONAL DU CUIR is the interprofessional organization of leather producers and users and, by extension, of all those who contribute to the production, use or distribution of leather.


Conseil National du Cuir


Constituted as a Confederation, it brings together 21 professional federations or unions from the breeding to the distribution of finished products and animates the entire French Leather Sector.

Each of the federations represents a particular activity of the sector: the professional organizations of the production (livestock, trade of hides and raw skins), the processing of raw materials (tannery and tawery, chemicals), the manufacture (leather goods, footwear, gloves and other fabrications such as foot-orthotics, components or shoemaking), and distribution (import, wholesale and retail distribution).

The member federations represent a wide range of companies - large companies, SMEs and craftsmen - with exceptional know-how and a strong quality approach.

These companies are, for the most part, present in specific territories that match the history of French leather. Today, there are 12,800 of them, employing more than 133,000 people throughout France.

The Conseil National du Cuir is behind the creation of ADC – Au-Delà du Cuir, business incubator in the leather industry, and through its subsidiary SIC SA of Cuir Invest, an investment fund set up to provide long-term support to the most promising young innovative companies in the industry and of Leather Fashion Design (LFD), the magazine for leather professionals.

The sector also has its own Economic Observatory which collects, processes and disseminates the industrial statistics of the French Leather Sector.

SLF Organizing Committee

  • Yves MORIN, Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Conseil National du Cuir

  • Frank BOEHLY, Chairman
  • Marc BRUNEL, Director
  • Aurélie METHARAM, Communications and Press Manager
  • Annabel LASO, Communication Officer

Fédération Française des Cuirs et Peaux

  • Christophe DEHARD, Chairman
  • Lénaïg MANEAT, Managing Director

Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie

  • François TAVERNE, Vice-Chairman
  • Sophie HIVERT, Managing Director

Fédération Française de la Chaussure

  • Clémentine COLIN RICHARD, Chairman
  • Michelle GUILLOUX-BONNET, Managing Director

Fédération Française de la Maroquinerie

  • Arnaud HAEFELIN, Chairman
  • Edgard SCHAFFHAUSER, Executive President

Fédération Française de la Ganterie

  • Jean STRAZZERI, Chairman


  • Françoise NICOLAS, Chief Executive Officer